Insurance Enrollment

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SJFMC will assist you in applying for and enrolling in medical insurance. There are two ways a patient can apply for insurance.

NJ FamilyCare
What is NJ FamilyCare?

NJ FamilyCare is a federal-and state-funded health insurance program created to help qualified New Jersey residents of any age get access to affordable health insurance. NJ FamilyCare is for people who do not have employer insurance.

Who is Eligible?

If you are interested in enrolling in NJ FamilyCare please look at the Who Is Eligible? section to see if you qualify. To view income eligibility limits for various family sizes, go to Income Eligibility and Cost.

How Can I Apply?

The entire application process can be completed at any SJFMC health center with the help of a certified application counselor or a financial counselor. You can also complete the application at

Health Insurance Marketplace
What is the Health Insurance Marketplace?

Open Enrollment runs November 1, 2020 to January 31, 2021. Mark your calendar and make sure you’re covered for whatever life brings. Low-cost plans are available so you can find a plan that meets your needs and budget. You may qualify for financial help to lower the cost of your plan.

Who is Eligible?

In NJ, a family of four earning up to about $104,800 a year and an individual earning up to about $51,040 a year can qualify for financial assistance.

How Can I Apply?

Marketplace applications are accepted from November 1, 2020 to January 31, 2021. Meet with a trained SJFMC Certified Application Specialist and receive free help to find a health insurance plan that is right for you and your family.

A change in your situation- like getting married, having a baby, or losing health coverage can make you eligible for a Special Enrollment Period. To find out more about qualifying events or to make an appointment to get covered, call us at 800-486-0431 or visit