SJFMC Farmacy

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Designed to educate students about nutrition and the farm-to-table system as well as to supply produce to the community, the Farmacy Program, now in its second season, is growing. We are not merely referring to the seeds we planted a year ago but more importantly, the need to provide access to fresh produce and nutritious ways of life in the communities we serve, where food insecurity is prevalent.

Making food the medicine for a healthy soul!

SJFMC’s Farmacy program aims at decreasing the rates of chronic disease and promotes healthy lifestyles through nutritious eating. The first “Farmacy,” a learning garden at our Burlington City Health Center, launched in August 2017. In collaboration with the Insurgo Project and Burlington City High School, the garden program fuses food justice, social entrepreneurialism and civic leadership under an educational philosophy that highlights SJFMC’s deep history and agricultural roots. By becoming a part of this exciting movement, students and patients gain a stronger connection to the source of their food, ultimately leading to a healthier and more environmentally conscious lifestyle. They will also understand the science and economics behind the food industry, thus cracking the door to a wealth of innovative and socially oriented careers. SJFMC is planting seeds and nurturing growth so that students of all ages and backgrounds learn the science behind the origins of food and reestablish the relationship between planet and plate. Our program recognizes food insecurity issues and promotes good dietary intake, which leads to healthier ways of life and ultimately combats the prevalence of preventable chronic diseases. Already awarded a coveted Garden Grant from the Horizon Foundation for New Jersey and visited by various congressional leaders, state representatives and local elected officials. In partnership with the Burlington City School District and the Insurgo Project, we are thankful for the community contributions that have been made thus far. We welcome you to donate to our Farmacy program and help sprout the future. For more information on the Farmacy Program, call 609-481-3075.