Southern Jersey Family Medical Centers, Inc. has Certified Application Counselors to Help with the Marketplace

Open Enrollment, which started November 1 and ends on January 31, 2017, provides another opportunity for Americans to find affordable coverage for them and their families. Stop into any of Southern Jersey Family Medical Centers and a Certified Application Counselor will help you find the right coverage for you and your family.

The Marketplace is one of many ways the ACA continues to improve health care affordability, access, and quality.

•Affordability. The latest available data show employer premiums are continuing to rise at the low rates observed since the ACA was enacted. This year, the average family premium for the more than 150 million Americans with employer coverage is $3,600 lower than it would be if pre-ACA premium growth had continued.

•Access. More than 20 million American adults have gained coverage as a result of provisions of the Affordable Care Act. In addition, more than 3 million children have gained coverage since 2008, thanks in large part to the ACA and improvements to the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

•Quality. For those who already had coverage, the ACA provided new protections, including guaranteed limits on out-of-pocket costs, no limits on annual or lifetime coverage, and preventive services without cost sharing. The ACA is also strengthening health care quality, with large drops in patient harms and preventable hospital readmissions for Medicare beneficiaries.

“Our nation has made historic progress under the ACA, and now we want to build on that progress to further improve affordability, access, and quality,” said Secretary Burwell.

The President has taken a number of steps to improve the ACA, and thinks we can do even more, such as: expanding Medicaid in states that have declined to do so; providing more tax credits for middle-income families and young adults to further improve affordability; adding a public plan fallback to give people more options in places where there still are just not enough insurers to compete; and supporting innovation by states. But this Open Enrollment, we are focused on getting as many uninsured people covered as we can.