SJFMC Is A Patient Centered Medical Home

This means you will be assigned to a provider of your choice and a team of other health care experts will work with the provider and you to ensure that you get the personal care you need and deserve. You may have a care manager assigned to you to assist you with meeting all of your medical needs and help you set up a plan to improve your overall health. Your care manager will work with you and your provider to help you stay well and to be there for you when you are sick. 
Your personal physician
The relationship between you, your physician, and care team is the driving force behind a
Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH).  Your physician will provide medical care that is right for you following  evidence-based guidelines/standards of care that have been proven to be effective in improving certain illnesses.
Your Care Team
Your physician will direct the care team (clinic staff) to coordinate your care based on your wants and needs.  To improve efficiency, the team will plan for your appointment by reviewing your record and making sure all required documents are in your chart.  The team will make sure testing is completed, results are obtained, and you are notified of your results in a timely manner. The team will follow-up on your referrals; making sure your appointment is timely, that your specialists have your care summary before your appointment, and that your physician receives your specialist'srecommendations.  If you are admitted to the hospital, your physician will make sure the physician seeing you in the hospital has your health information.  Likewise, when you are discharged your care team will review your hospital stay, make sure you return for follow-up, and that you understand how to call if you have questions about your treatments or medications.
Through the Patient Centered Medical Home you will be able to:
See your primary medical provider who manages your medical conditions and who knows your family’s medical history
Schedule appointments without waiting on the phone
Get same-day appointments with your doctor on evenings and weekends
Have enough time with a nurse or doctor to get your questions answered
Get the help you need to understand your care instructions and treatment plan, and  
Learn how to keep track and manage your health at home, work or school
We know your time is valuable and to better serve you, your healthcare team will use an important new tool to let you get important healthcare information over the internet. It is called the patient portal.   The patient portal will let you talk safely with your health care experts without having to go to the office. It will allow you to contact your provider through email if you want to get answers to questions that come up between office visits or securely send your health records to the different providers involved in your care
The patient portal will also allow you to:
Send messages to your doctor
Get a consult with your doctor through the web
Have prescriptions refilled electronically
Schedule your appointments and
Get patient educational materials
You can join the online portal, at your convenience, by giving us your email address. You may want to do this at your next visit. Once we have your email address, we will send you instructions, through email, on how to complete the setup process. Once you are signed up, you can log in from any location that offers internet services. Patients can, of course, continue to talk with their provider or other team members about any health issues through office visits.
Still have questions?
To learn more about the Patient Centered Medical Home, please see the attached video
or talk with your health care provider.