Dental Care

Dental CareSJFMC’s primary and preventive dental services assess and treat tooth decay, oral cancers and gum disease.

When dental care is a part of the primary health of our patients, it is possible for patients to keep their teeth most of their lives. Regular check ups and cleanings every 6 months will prevent costly procedures which often result from poor dental maintenance.

SJFMC provides primary dental services including treatment of tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer examinations. 

SJFMC’s team of dental professionals knows the importance of oral health to general health.  Dental diseases have been linked to heart and respiratory disease, diabetes, and even pre-term births!  It’s best to begin dental visits at an early age.  It is recommended that children be seen by a dentist by age 1 to start them on the road to good oral health.

Call today and let SJFMC’s dental staff help you to keep your teeth healthy for a lifetime!

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