“Healthy March” Photo Contest

“Healthy March” Photo Contest
Get out your smart phones – time to take some pictures!
Contest Rules:
1. Put together a meal according to the government's dietary recommendations (1/2 plate fruits and non-starchy vegetables, 1/4 plate protein-rich foods, 1/4 plate starchy foods). Include a serving of a calcium-rich food.

2. Take a picture of your meal during that day' theme (see below)

3. Upload your photo to our Facebook https://www.facebook.com/sjfmcinc or Twitter https://twitter.com/SJFMC_HR page. Include a description of what, where, and when you ate. Recipes are also welcome!

4. Photos accepted March 1st through March 31st. Unlimited submissions welcome!
There will also be an additional challenge: Themes!

• Meatless Monday: Craft a meal that utilizes a vegetarian protein source.

• Try It Tuesday: Doesn’t have to be wild, but it does have to be something new to you.

• No Waste Wednesday: Reduce the waste associated with your meal: use all parts of an ingredient (stem to leaf, tail to nose), repurpose leftovers, and take only as much as you need.

• Think Your Drink Thursday: Remember that nutrition comes from what is in your glass, too.

• No Fry Friday: Skip the fried foods for a day!

All photos are automatically entered to win best submission for one of the theme days:
Photos will be judged on:

• Most Colorful Plate

• Most Unique Use of Ingredients

• Best Description

• Most Submissions

PRIZES: One winner for each theme will be awarded.
This contest is proudly sponsored by Southern Jersey Family Medical Centers, Inc.